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Care & Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair Resources

SFI cultured marble vanity sink tops and window sills require minimal care and maintenance to maintain their original beauty. However, everyday use, and the occasional accident, can affect the beauty and finish of our products.

To help you keep your sink(s) or window sill(s) as beautiful as the day it was installed, we’ve compiled some helpful walk-throughs of how to care for, clean, and perform simple repairs on your sinks and window sills.

Care & Cleaning

Find out how to keep matte or gloss finished sink tops or window sills looking as great as the day they were installed.

Maintenance & Repair

Learn how quick and easy it is to repair accidents like stains and scratches on matte and gloss finished sink tops and window sills.

Instructional Videos

Watch our instructional videos to see exactly how we care for, clean, and repair our sink tops and window sills.